Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We are turning THREE!!!

Today is Alex, Jacen, and Ty's third birthday! In honor of this happy event, I have sat down to update the blog with all the pictures we have taken over this past year. Chloe is not to be left behind in the birthday category; she will turn 1 on October 3rd! This year has been packed with activities, and we all been very busy (hence, no updates). That should change in the near future as I am nearly finished with my book, and as I get the new fall semester under my belt.

'Twas the night before Christmas 2009...

Someone loves their dino!

Rock n' Roll Construction Alex

Chloe is tuckered out...

Jacen tries on Daddy's boot...

Grandpa and Grandma Madeira with Chloe

The Madeira family Christmas shot--2009

Grandma Madeira has a birthday!!

Snow Ty

For once, everyone loves the snow!

Ty riding his "Tygrrr"

Jacen buried under stuffed animals in his crib

Pirate Ty putting on a musical parade

Chloe lounges on the couch!

Ty doctoring his monkey and his train

Alex with drums

Jacen with a drum and a strainer hat


Jacen on the Easter egg hunt

All three on the lookout

Kitchen Buccaneers
Chloe with egg :D

Outside in the Easter sunshine!

Spaghetti night...

It just gets messier and messier!!

Some pictures of all the kids together, taken in June...