Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday, Sept. 23--The Triplets are Transferred to Another Closer Level 2 NICU

The boys had their first car ride this morning--each was taken by ambulance from the Brigham to Winchester hospital, which is much closer to us and out of the way of city traffic. The boys now occupy the back right corner of the Winchester Special Care nursery. They all arrived and were settled in by noon. We visited them at 1 p.m., and they all hung out as a family until the evening. It's much quieter here, and even more private than the Level 2 room in the Brigham.

Here's the Special Care Nursery...

Jacen not only moved into new digs at Winchester, but he also got to leave behind his isolette for an open crib because he can maintain his body temperature without it! So this is his first "big boy bed" can see how happy he is to be one step closer to going home!

We also gave all three boys little birthday presents that had been given to them by another triplet mom...cute and very soft blankets shaped like a tiger, ducky, and froggy. The boys really received these new presents enthusiastically by continuing to slumber away in their beds.

Here's Alex with his ducky...

And Jacen with his froggy...

And Ty with his Tyger, of course!

And here are some other photos of the Madeira five-some hanging out together...

Matt holding Alex...

Alex taking a bottle...mmm, good!

Jody with Ty...

Matt with a very burrowed Ty burrito...

We're in NICU Level 2! Thursday-Saturday September 20-22, Days 6-7

Before Jody went home on Wednesday, the triplets got moved into much quieter accommodations in one of the two NICU Level 2 rooms. Now they're all together along one wall, and there's much more space and privacy to walk around and enjoy all three babies. Jody stayed the night overnight in the parent room from Thursday to Friday to be with the three little wee fiends, and it was a wonderful experience to wake up and have the triplets so close.

On Saturday, the triplets turned 34 weeks--their first birthday!

Here are some pictures from the triplets' stay in the NICU Level 2...

The boys' new home along with wall of NICU 2

Matt kangarooing Ty (left) and Jacen (right) on Friday, Day 6

Jody and Matt with Alex, on Saturday--34 weeks!

Alex winking on Saturday--34 weekers can really start to do lots of cool things!

Jody with Jacen on Saturday

Matt with Alex on Saturday

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday 9/18, Day 4

Today was a busy day; Jody was up and about a lot more and is able to do quite a bit more now. In fact, when she and Matt came down to feed the triplets and do kangaroo care in the evening, she was able to change a diaper of her own. However this one didn't go as smoothly; Ty was ready for her and made sure to pee and poo during the diaper change to make things extra difficult. Needless to say, everything was messy and wet, and Jody was holding her belly because laughing hurt so much! Jody should follow Matt's example a lot more often.

Jody got her revenge though. Later that evening she crept down at midnight to help feed and to bathe Ty. Ty liked having his hair shampooed, but didn't appreciate Jody's efforts to get the rest of him clean. He certainly protested effectvely with his lungs. But Jody won and with the nurse's help Ty got clean.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday 9/19, Day 5--Jody Goes Home

Jody went home from the hospital today--the first time in 11 weeks that she had seen something other than the walls of her bedroom at home or the hospital. Matt came in and spent the afternoon with her and the babes. The boys were all taken from the intensive care NICU room to the intermediate room and are now enjoying their own (much more private and much quieter) quarters along one wall.

Then Matt made Jody's day by taking her to the mall for her first outing in 11 weeks. They ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then got Jody's hair cut and did some other shopping. It was so good to get home, but Jody misses her kids and can't wait to see them again.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday 9/17, Day 3--We Accept Bottles and Love to Cuddle!

Today was just amazing. All the boys are getting fed by bottle instead of by feeding tube! Matt and Jody got to feed and then burp them, and then did kangaroo care--a special time where the baby is placed on the parent to get skin-to-skin contact. We just couldn't ask for anything better in life right now!

Alex in his shirt, looking (according to Matt) like a little Jedi...

Jody feeds Alex a bottle for the first time...

Good 'til the last drop!

Kangaroo care on Jody with Alex and Ty

But under the blanket Ty takes out secret aggressions on his brother, who was after all on the bottom for 8 months...old habits die hard, we guess.

Who likes this more--Matt or Jacen?

Mmmm, says Jacen!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pictures from Sunday 9/16, Day 2

Jayce and Ty are off C-pap, so we can see their cute little faces! Also, all three were getting feedings of preemie formula; Jayce got 7 cc's and Ty and Alex got just over 5 cc's apiece. These guys are little troopers! Ty and Alex were sacked out in their isolettes and we didn't want to disturb them, so we spent most of our time with Jayce, who was more interactive.

Visiting Jayce...



Matt changing Jayce's Diaper!

We're Here! Pictures from Saturday 9/15, Day 1

The proud dad!

The proud mom!



Jayce again!




Mom and Dad with Alex!

Jayce on C-pap, breathing room air...

Ty on C-pap, breathing room air...