Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We're Four Months Today!

Can you believe it? Four months already! The time has flown by so fast. The boys have an appointment with our new pediatrician in Indiana on Thursday for a well child visit. We'll get the latest weights then...two weeks ago Jacen weighed 13.7 lbs, Ty weighed 12.7 lbs, and Alex weighed 10.11 lbs.

Who knew that by four months all three boys would be sleeping through the night in their cribs as well as they are? And rolling over? We're two very proud parents!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Howdy from Hoosier-ville!

We apologize for the long break in updates! On December 15th, we moved from Boston to Bloomington, IN. Of course, the weather that weekend was terrible. Hardly a weekend that made you want to move two cars, three babies, two dogs, and household plants! Packing started on Thursday and spread into Friday due to a blizzard; the movers loaded Friday and Saturday and we hit the road Saturday afternoon. We managed to get to Scranton, PA the first evening and stopped overnight in Clearfield early the next evening because visibility was practically zero. Fortunately, Matt's dad was able to assist with the driving. Nonetheless, it was a long weekend. We reached Bloomington at 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning after a less than stellar detour dreamed up by the $@!& GPS (think 50-60 miles of rural roads).

One big thing happened, however, on the trip--we found out that the boys would sleep through the night if left in their car seats. Jody was so happy to give up the 3:30 a.m. feeding!

When we arrived, we found out that scarcely an appliance worked in the house. That's right...the dishwasher was so beat up that you could barely pull the racks out, let alone put breakables in them, and the washer only washed on hot. There were also broken shelves in the refrigerator. The sad thing is that these appliances were about 5-6 years old. Thank goodness Matt's parents had traveled out to Indiana in early December to clean the house and do some painting. We can't imagine what our reactions to the house would have been had we seen it in the condition in which the former owners had left it.

That said, the layout of the house is wonderful for raising triplets, and new stainless steel appliances make things very liveable. We intend to post pictures on the web after everything is unpacked...triplets make it difficult to spend a lot of time on such activities!

The boys had a great Christmas and New Years, even though they were of course unaware that the true import of those days. We had fun dressing them up in Christmas PJs and posing them with a tiny triplet-sized tree.

We're very lucky that Jody's mom will help take care of the triplets!! She arrived on December 29th to help take care of the boys, and will be staying at least until the Spring. This will help tremendously since Jody steps into the shoes of a law professor and officially enters the classroom on January 14th.

Here are some great pictures that we've taken since the last post...

We finally caught Alex in an act of baby cannibalism--hungry for a bottle, he tried Ty instead.

Ty, however, survived and was able to lounge around on Christmas Eve...

But he wasn't smiling on Christmas Day when he got together for a group photograph with his brothers!

Jacen and Alex also posed in front of the Christmas tree...

And Matt gave all three of the boys (and the two dogs) a big Christmas hug!

Ty likes his swing so much that it's easy to get him to grin while he's rocking away.

Here are all three of them swinging away...

A bath brought out the grins from Alex!

Jacen likes his swing too.

Here's Alex cuddled up on Mom's shoulder...

And Ty in a silly baby carrier...

Ty swaddled like a mummy in his swing...

Jacen tickled at the thought of getting a bottle...

And Ty and Alex saying how much they love dinner time!