Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Very Merry Holiday Season

Well, this is going to be a long post--and well it should be, considering that the last post was just after Halloween! For shame--we know, we know. But our New Year's Resolution is to update the blog at least every two weeks.

Our holiday season was grand. The boys got their Christmas present early--a Kangaroo Climber gym by Step 2. They loved it from the first, and they run in and out of the playhouse and try to climb the slide. We love to watch two boys try to climb it at once--the first climber will lose his balance and slide down, wiping out his brother as well. Heehee!

Here are some pictures of the mayhem.

Jacen and Alex having fun...

Jacen thinks he broke something on the gym already (note the hammer)...

Ty pushing his ride-on car sideways (with wrench in hand--is he OUR child?).

Ty and Santa Claus

Jacen looks like he wants another lap...

Alex is hoping he doesn't get coal for Christmas.

Everyone with Santa!

Here's Alex all dressed up in front of the Christmas tree.

Jacen is looking for some trouble to get into...

Ty with his combover!

On Christmas Eve, we headed to Carlisle, PA to spend the holiday with Grandpa and Grandma Madeira. Aunts and Uncles poured in as well, and we had a wonderful time!
Breakfast on Christmas morning at Grandpa and Grandma Madeira's house.

Alex picking up one of his favorite presents...a BOX!

Sheriff Nicholas (Wild West Nephew) has rustled the wrapping paper.

And his Uncle Matt!

We also saw several dear friends who had not seen the boys for over a year.
Cary and Jennifer Burkett with the boys.

Sheriff Nicholas is helping to rustle up some grub for the boys.

Our old friends Shane and Alyona, their daughter Lily, and the gang

The boys were dedicated at the Carlisle First Church of the Brethren on December 28th.

As a very special touch, Grandpa Madeira performed the dedication.

Ty sits on the Steelers mat...a future fan?

Jacen, the present elf...Cousin Laura Beth looks on.

Aunt Beth and Alex
We returned home on December 31st and celebrated the New Year with Grandma Burkett and Great Aunt Sue. Everyone had a great time!!
Back home, Alex admires the Star Wars Christmas tree (thank you Hallmark!)

Ty, a future drummer.

Great Aunt Sue with Alex.

The dogs took advantage of one of the triplets' favorite Christmas presents from their cousin Kobe to catch up on their rest while no one was looking.

Coloring with Dad!